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"Of all the hats I wear as a musician, teaching is the most fulfilling and rewarding. It is a joy to watch young students progress to the point where they really enjoy playing and singing.


I do my best to keep lessons upbeat and fun for my students by giving them a variety of repertoire to keep them interested and having fun. If they are not having fun, they won't practice; and if they don't practice they won't improve and will get discouraged and often quit lessons.I am also a strong proponent of teaching Music Theory, which is required of all of my students.


I have discovered that my piano students especially love to play Halloween Music! We began a tradition of holding a Halloween Recital instead of a Christmas Recital when everyone is so busy with holiday activities. The students, their siblings and I all dress in Halloween costumes for the recital. I decorate for Halloween and have Halloween treats for the children. It has become our favorite recital and really motivates the students to practice.


As a songwriter, creativity is very important to me, so this year I am working with each student to help write his/her own Halloween song for the Recital! I am also going to have them each write a Christmas song", says Jeanie McQuinn.

For more information regarding Mrs. McQuinn's experience and credentials, please read her resume on the RESUME page.

       SPRING RECITAL  May 2018
 Students Perform for Residents at Park Manor Nursing Home
       Senior Recital 2016
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