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Jeanie McQuinn: Songwriter/Publisher


Originally from Sarasota, Florida, after graduating from Anderson University, Jeanie made her way to Nashville, Tennessee in 1986 eager to hone her songwriting skills. Working for a jingle company soon after the move, Jeanie quickly learned how to craft lyrics for clients and later used that skill to write songs for specific occasions, films and artists. Skip McQuinn was a key player in Jeanie's life, first as her mentor and publisher, and in 1991 became her husband of twenty-one years.


The couple and children moved to Memphis after their marriage where Mr. McQuinn continued to run the publishing company, Great Big River Music, as well as a thriving music production company, McQuinn Media Services, and several major recording studios. Over the years Jeanie gained knowledge and experience in all aspects of the music business from administering the publishing company and assisting in studio management, music production and audio/acoustic installations.


Ater Mr. McQuinn's untimely death in 2011, Jeanie completed remaining contracted projects for the production company including four major audio/acoustic installs and the 2012 International Folk Alliance Convention.


" Life moved me from city to city, but Nashville is the only place that has ever felt like home to me. Moving back to Nashville was my chance to heal and start over",  Jeanie said.


Since her return to Music City in 2012, Jeanie has more than doubled the Great Big River Music catalog which now contains close to 700 songs, many of them written or co-written by Jeanie. She has co-written with a slew of established songwriters including  the revered Rivers Rutherford, Jane Bach and hit country writer, Brian White.  As a publisher, Jeanie is dedicated to working the Great Big River Music back catalog while continuing to write new songs in the Country, Pop and R & B genres.


Jeanie McQuinn is a Grammy Certificate award winning songwriter with numerous song cuts on Grammy nominated albums as well as song placements in film and video. A member of the National Music Publishers Association, the Grammys, Country Music Association, Nashville Songwriters Association International, Association of Independent Music Publishers, Nashville Publishers Network, and the Womens Music Business Association. You may find more information on Jeanie McQuinn's qualifications/experience by reading her resume on the Resume Page on this website. Songs that are currently being pitched can also be heard at htpp://www.SoundCloud/jeaniemcquinn.  You may also follow Jeanie on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter with the Icons on the Home page.


For a complete listing of songs by Jeanie McQuinn and Great Big River Music

visit and/or Jeanie is also the owner of New Blue Music/ASCAP and HandyTown Music/SESAC and you may search those sites for catalog repertoire, as well.


All content, photos and music on this website are copyright protected and many not be used without written permission by Jeanie McQuinn. 

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